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An Automation Solutions Company

It is one of its kind in the city and the entire AP region with customized solutions being provided for Residential, Commercial, Hospitality and Industrial sectors with diverse capacities to automate and integrate varied day to day functions to the new age IoT & Industry 4.0 based technologies.

Sahitya C M
Founder & C E O

      The company aims to increase awareness among the consumers on the benefits of automation and IoT. Our focus is to provide simple, unparalleled solutions at affordable and competitive prices to expand the consumer base. It is out of reach to many end users due to lack of awareness, exorbitant prices and varied complexities.

Our technology will enable the operation of all the Electronic & Electrical devices, varied manufacturing Machinery of the highly diverse Industrial sectors in a Smart, Economical and Eco-friendly Environment.

The key focus areas are automating the complete Mood and Ambiance Lighting, Safety and Security Management, Visitor Management, Smart Surveillance, Home Theater Automation in the Residential, Commercial & Hospitality sector. The Industrial sector is where the need for automating the process of Robot and Machines is at its peak to expand the working efficiencies, save time and costs that will in turn increase the overall growth of the industries.

We aim to bring the latest and upcoming technology and its fantastic features to the availability for every common man in the capital region.

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