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  • what is home Automation?
    Home automation consists in the automation of electronic and mechanical devices of households: from lighting to heating, from video surveillance to videointercom functions. The goal is to simplify some domestic tasks and higher safety to people and generate energy saving. Modern electric installations make it possible to optimize the use of electricity, water, gas, avoiding all waste.Home automation technology allows for carrying out several tasks from a single point, such as switching the lights on and off, set the heating, and close doors.
  • How much does it cost?
    Each project provides a personalized answer to the user needs, and therefore the final cost can change according to very different parameters: safety provisions, project goals, furnishing requirements, etc.
  • What is custom home Theater?
    For the best Home Theatre experience using a specially designed cinema screen and projector is the best approach. With a high end video projector, high end DVD player, separate amplifiers for each channel controlled by a master preamp or controller, inwall speakers, and a subwoofer it is possible to recreate the movie theatre experience.
  • What can a home lighting control system control?
    A lighting control system allows you to set your ideal lighting scene for any activity, whether it be watching your favourite film, relaxing with a good book or preparing a meal. Home lighting control provides added security to your property and therefore your peace of mind.
  • Do you design only home cinema systems for my home?
    Yes! We are happy to design home cinema rooms for clients on a consultancy basis – you just pay for our time. We are experts in designing home cinema systems for awkward spaces such as basements and attics.
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