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                                                                             Recon Warranty Terms

  • We hope you satisfy with our ‘Recon’ products and we are sure you will enjoy it.  In the event of your product requiring service, please contact the nearest Recon Authorised Service Centre.

  • In case there is no such service centre in your city, please reach us at for assistance. We advise that you read the instruction manual carefully.


   Recon will repair the products on the terms and conditions given below :

  • This Warranty does not cover liability for loss of data, recorded images and/or business opportunity loss.

  • Company will not be responsible for short circuits, physical damages, natural calamities, electrical burns, internal shortage etc.

  • Accessories like mouse, power supply adapters does not hold any warranty.

  • Recon products carries 18 months of warranty from the date of invoice raised as per company rules.

  • After the period of warranty, the product can be repair at specific charges as applicable to the customer according to repair and Recon is not liable for customers products.

  • Due to continuous manufacturing modifications for all products its features and specific warranty terms on specific reason may change without prior notice.

  • Warranty will be valid only when original Purchase Invoice are presented for service.

  • This Warranty shall not affect consumer's statutory rights under applicable Indian Laws, nor the consumer's rights against the dealer arising from their sales / purchase of the product.

  • This Warranty will be Void if the type or serial no. on the product has been altered, removed or defaced.

  • Recon reserves the right to replace the defective part with an equivalent and/or reconditioned part.

  • Recon reserves the right to decline warranty service.

  • This Warranty does not cover damage caused to the product due to improper installation by customer.

  • Customer may bring the products after the period of warranty certain charges will applicable to customer according to repair.

  • Delivery charges should be paid by the customers for any devices within or out of warranty.

  • If customers fail to make any pending payments with in the due date, Recon has right to suspend warranty and services with immediate effect and claim the balance amount with applicable interest from the due date. (Interest on late payments is 28% from the date of 1.4.2021 and it may be changed without prior notice). Recon has right to recollect the material in case of unprocessed payment. 

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